Honda Supra X 125RR, MotoGP Style Modification of Honda Supra X 125


New inovation from honda corporation. Here is a modification concept of Honda Supra X 125. I found this in picture from news. This could be an alternative for your Honda Supra X 125 modification. It looks so sporty, like a MotoGP motorcycle right?

Don't forget to bore up it's engine to increase it's engine capacity. This macho style should be matched with equal engine power. So, not only it's style but also it's performance also.
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Modifikasi Cool Yamaha Mio


Modifikasi Cool Yamaha Mio
I look modif yamaha mio, is very cool so yao can see From left side view, front lamp:Nouva, rear lamp: Honda CBR, body custom, Mio CW Cas Wheel from Malaysia, TDR exhaust, and Double RPM.

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Here is one more idea for modifying you Yamaha Mio. It comes from Ali Wardana, the owner of Oracle Modification Concepts in Jakarta. From left side view, front

You see lamp:Nouva, rear lamp: Honda CBR, body custom, Mio CW Cas Wheel from Malaysia, TDR exhaust, and Double RPM.
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Honda Nova Sonic 125 is a popular sporty motorcycle sold in Indonesia. It has already sold in Thailand before. Not like any other type sold in Indonesia, like Vario forinstance, it brought to Indonesia built-up-ly.



Modifikasi Yahama Nouvo - Matic stylish


Modifikasi Yahama Nouvo - Matic stylish
I have nouvo motorcycle but I don’t understanding to modification, what happen I look website which showing about modif nouvo. This Nouvo 115 CC modification concept come from some one named Vynnn, a member of Bikepics who coma from Thailand. As we all already known that Thailand have a very-very stylish motorcycle modification concept. So many Thai boys who like to modify their motorcycle. Not only the models, but also engine performance. That's why, so many racing components which sold in Indonesia come from Thailand. Well,.. if you have Yamaha Nouvo 115 CC, this modification concept wold be a good idea. Modifikasi Yahama Nouvo - MaticThis picture will be get my inspiration grow again. I like it.
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Modification Honda Supra

Modification Honda Supra
This is a pure creation of the TPF (Fiber Twin Planet) and we do not want to change a motor sport. That's the challenge, "commented Arno. Usually, the theme of naked identical to motor sport.

To satisfy his obsession, the order does not have to be cut and modified. Including the position of the tank under the seat, that part will be retained.

Radical changes seen in the arm swing. New design with trellis model as is often done in deltabox motor sport. This is one feature of motor sport naked homage. Because of the vital functions, an iron pipe 2 inches in diameter big enough to be placed in there.

Because the swing arm naked, so it is fitting that the single rear suspension (monoshock) utilizing a Suzuki Satria 120R. Continues, a full custom body, according to Arno, self-designed single-seater model.
Modification Honda Supra
In order for the impression of motor racing, then contrived tapered aft section. The middle part of such a chassis made additional deltabox style using glass fiber material.

Notice the two wide wheels. This only homemade and Arno ensure that conditions are strong. Upside down front suspension models also the results of the work itself.
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modif British Style Chopper

modif British Style Chopper
April Fool's! Surprise to someone who should not be angry or complain. Well, the look of Yamaha Mio from Tangerang which have merged from the standard chopper style is so-so to say as an April Fool's Day surprise.

Diemaz grants, the modifier of this flapping wings skutik, naming his British Style Chopper. Options were taken after the skipper of this Motor Diemaz make browsing the flow of the world on the internet. This project also takes only 6 months.

Viewed from its form, it is clear to be regenerated using a tubular pipe of various sizes. The largest diameter of 3 inches. After kelar with the order, then hand Diemaz playing in the details.

Look at the tiny gas tank display. The size is very fitting with the dimensions of the Mio. Interestingly, indicators of gasoline instead of the instrument panel, but use a small bottle on the side of the tank. "The volume shows the existing conditions in the tank," said shop owner on Jl Raya No.89 Steel, Housing, Tangerang.

Switch to suspension. The back is made itself of waste per leaf car. So that looks neat, Diemaz melaburinya with chrome. Then, there are two uniqueness on the Mio which has changed this form. What is it?

First, how to turn it on. Starter system is changed by turning a kind of teeth that are placed in front of the tank.

Second, the exhaust pipe. Generally, the shape of the exhaust is very clear and easy viewing. But here it does not exhaust looks and Diemaz use the concept 2 in 1 which is supported by many of the Orchid Wahidin Motor. So, exhaust and rear sepatbor merged. "So, after the neck has been channeled into the body sepatbor. The shape, quite thin with small holes," explained Diemaz.
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Modification Jupiter MX 135LC

Modification Jupiter MX 135LC
Identical robots with a rigid shape. It's like looking at works of Siswo Winoto Win's Paddock (WP), Purwokerto, Central Java, which is applied to the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC this. Despite orders from the owner of the motor Hansen Kurniawan is to make permanent nuanced view of this motor racing look, robofighter very strong impression because of his style of modern robotic style inserted.

According to the concept, the robot, the body design is a priority. Visual accent stroke streetfighter-style body is the hallmark of the WP plots. WJS-style characteristic curves demonstrated that tails perfectly efficient.

To support the view racing look, handlebar clamp model constrained although this bike was still wearing the original triangle and komstir. But do not be disappointed when they saw the front foot up-side-down model. That's only condom creations WP shock absorbers are deliberately contrived style ala moge from 2.5-inch pipe that was wrapped in the original pretentious.

In order to look too big legs, wheels that applied were taken from the Suzuki Hayabusa. Tread width makes quite dizzy, especially when installing the rear wheels. The solution, Wiwin swing arm made from 4 mm plate material so that the hind legs look more solid.

Wiwin very observant of supporting components in implementing these changes. For example, the application of LED on the front and rear lights. "Wear taillights have a Bajaj Pulsar, was front variations, but be modified again to use LEDs. In addition to more light, it's also modern," said Wiwin.

In addition to lighting, the selection of muffler-wrapped style gives the impression that the device is fused with the body. Apart from the side of good aesthetics, this alteration results also suggest neat
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Modifications Honda Tiger Streetfighter

Modifications Honda Tiger Streetfighter

Win's modifiers motor Paddock Siswo Winoto from Purwokerto, Central Java, which is consistent in his homage to the European streetfighter. Modifications are applied to the 1997 Honda Tiger is owned by Great Wicaksono also showed the development of creation with exotic nuances of blink-blink-style alias Negro style.

In accordance with the theme blink-blink, Wiwin-greeting-Winoto familiar claim that color choice would be decisive. Here he further pursued his impression of an elegant and photogenic, is not just pleasing to the eye. She also made her look grim, the view that characterizes the streetfighter.

"Here accidentally find sharp colors. Like orange combined with the white, this makes the motor look rehearsal and beautiful," said the builder. Amazingly, it is only normal paint color and the idea of the Court. According Wiwin, paint wear Orange and Polired Lesonal Sikkens.

Back to flow streetfighter, for the body, Wiwin not work alone. He was assisted from the XK Bike Agus DJ Design, who is also the origin of Purwokerto. Help was started from the body until the legs. Although assisted Agus, Wiwin need to adjust it to re-seat every body, ranging from tanks to the rear tail.

Agus addition, the role of the Great also not insignificant. He has taken part in the selection of abortive conference of the body, including the choice of colors.

Not only that, the application of hydraulic clutch is also a great work. Components, he said, using the motor brake master who then connected with the brake hose, but with the work as usual clutch. "However, it was more powerful and refined. So, these results satisfied me," Great promotions, shop owners Tengiel Speed
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Modification Yamaha Mio extreme concep

Modification Yamaha Mio extreme concep

At about the quality and the art of modifying the motor, builders Bali no doubt. Several times their works ever shown in the column modifications. Well, this time there's Subagio Yamaha Mio from B Co, Denpasar, is classified as very radical modification.

Imagine, the original of the 2007 production skutik gone. In fact, it looks like a motorcycle concept. Subagio admitted to launch his own works entirely different. "Indeed, the theme skutik sport is not new, but I want to keep trying to form itself," said Subagio.

Hence, he mempreteli all original body and create a new one with a galvanized plate material. When examined, the shape of the front like Jupiter MX135LC. Subagio confirmed that he modeled the Yamaha's duck. "The shape is very sporty MX, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang, also a father with two children.

Body characteristics pointed MX Mio Soul reflected in this. The front to rear tapering shape. In fact, the front seemed to want to gore because the handlebars like a horn.

Meanwhile, for the body, including the brave Bagio design holes. "The concept of this will menimbulkasn modern impression and also would make people wonder," said Bagio. However, the view that only holes are not supported by the inside of the solid.

In addition, the standard wheelbase Mio installing artificial retreat retreat retreat along the 15-cm. In this way, the motor becomes more visible, especially after custom wheels with 5-inch wide-reaching fitted behind. Tricks rim width was tongkrongan skutik match stretch with wheels small.
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Modification Suzuki Satria F-150

Modification Suzuki Satria F-150
Justify FullJust because the game strong body, making this duck motor identity is lost. In fact, Mugi Eling modification of Evolution Custom homes in Purwokerto, not overhaul the chassis to the extreme. Because, "Basic basic chassis was good, just let the body adjust more gambot caught," said Mugi.

Thus, Ui - daily calls Mugi - just play the basic form of the duck to make it look more macho, without the need to change the construction of the legs. For example, in the front, wider contrived using fiberglass.

Including, the body also tends to select a design concept with the pointy sharp angle. This form is to characterize the builder who had hooked playing Honda CB-100. "Pointy dominant form to make it look dynamic. Including application of the model headlights. Kan sporty tastes so much stronger," said Ui.

Aesthetics and function are still observed. Like the placement of lights menemplok sein to the body in front gambot. This component is picked from Honda CS-1. Through this karyannya, Ui considered typical builder who always accentuated
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Modification Yamaha Scorpio

Modification Yamaha Scorpio

Yamaha Scorpio born as a motor sports genre. But who would have thought could be hypermotard looking after the surgery. It turned out pretty cool. Transformation was indeed the motor owner's request, Hetmansyah Helmy, from the complex Marines Rangkapan Jaya Pura, Maruyung, Depok.

Helmy not just once modify the bike. Previously, modifications are made to Honda GL-Pro SMW750 Aprilia imitation.

In addition to style, this hypermotard model must be enjoyed by families, both wife and son. Hence, the convenience sector is still a special attention. "Original frame there is almost enggak changed. In fact, the standard tank Scorpio continues to be used," explained Wardoyo, Gandul modifikator of the workshop on 2Wheel Custom Cinere, Depok.

Wardoyo admitted no difficulty when responding to requests to Helmy bike converted into hypermotard style. Incidentally, the standard framework of Scorpio is very supportive. "Just count the legs wide so that the desired final appearance materialize," he admitted.
Modification Yamaha Scorpio
To strengthen the legs, upside down the model's trail specifically attached to the front. Here, Helmy using aftermarket parts made in Thailand. Front view becomes a key to change. Headlamp shell design is taken from the Aprilia Dorsoduro. "The model is merged with
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Modification Yamaha Scorpio Streetfighter

Modification Yamaha Scorpio Streetfighter
View the robot does not always rigid. The proof, as embodied to have a Yamaha Scorpio Kabutho Eko, it looks just so much sangar and muscular. "The concept was taken from the robot. Understandably, the owner was crazy with the world like that," said Topo Goedhel Atmodjo from Custom Tauco trusted to modify it.

For Topo, certainly not a difficult thing to change the display to be like Yamaha's sports. According to him, in the form, modifications to this bike enggak caused many difficulties, especially the owners want to put your fairing.

Spirit or the aura of this motor refers to the streetfighter. "This was, after modif the second project, it could kepikiran streetfighter to continue its flow. But to fulfill the dream of Eko had, I've made (this bike) so completely new model," Topo said proudly.

Topo contrived work can be said to run from the concept of motor sport in general. It can be seen from the fusion front view, tanks, until the stern model. For example, as the face of the robot, looking forward really noticed.

Headlamp is fitted with light eye diibartakan belo model. So that added look bigger, then the above kind of visor added. At first, did not fit a standard lamp when paired so that the end product of Thailand was chosen as a replacement.

If the body behind the note, then it becomes part of change. Slenderize impress the stern section. "Purposely, even to put a stop lamp that Bajaj XCD cute," beber Topo.

In order to be a concern, especially the stern, exhaust is designed to be a new model
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Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC Modif Moge


Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC Modif Moge

applying it to the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC-Ino suit and Rizal-that in fact a duck.

When the overhaul, do not want to eliminate modifikator nature Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC as a motor ducks, especially referring to Law No. 22 of 2009, which has changed the form to getting a ticket. Therefore, preserved duck genre, including the middle deck.

Meanwhile, the cover body has been thought to replace the printed material thin fiber. Consideration, in order not to be heavy weights. "Sheets was then a small cut and then affixed to gradually form a pattern," said Dana. After the pattern is formed, then the printing process actually performed.

Hence, if observed in detail, the front had turned into moge. The main lights had moved into the chest where the front. Lamp picked by Suzuki GSX600 because rarely adopted.

Another interesting thing, double-Muffler exhaust design adds muscular rear view with a single arm models. Who would have thought, modification via phone can be cool.
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Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Brus

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Brus
Woow Modification Orange Colour full keren dech
Engine Spesification Of Old Mio and Mio soul Is the Same,Oly the body changes
Here Are The Full Story Of Modification

The Spesification this Yamaha Motor

The Engine
Mesin : 4 langkah, SOHC 2-Klep pendingin udara, AIS (Air Induction System) EURO 2 Ready
Diameter x Langkah : 50.0mm x 57.9 mm
Kapasitas Silinder : 113.7 CC
RatioKompresi : 8.8 : 1
Tipe Kopling : Kering, Sentrifugal Otomatis
Isi silinder : Tunggal
Karburator : Keihin NCV24×1
Sistem pengapian : DC-CDI
Sistem pelumasan : Wet Sump
Kapasitas Oli Mesin : 0.9 Liter
Transmisi : V-Belt Otomatis
Rasio Gigi : 2.399 - 0.829
Caster / Trail : 26.5 derajat/ 100 mm
Tipe Rem Depan : Hydraulic Disc brake dengan Single Piston
Tipe Rem Belakang : Teromol

Source from gp-motor.blogspot.com

Berat Kosong : 87 Kg
Tipe Rangka : Steel Tube
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar : 3,7 Liter Bensin Leaded / unleaded
Jarak Sumbu Roda : 1,240 mm
Jarak terendah ke Tanah : 130 mm
Tinggi Tempat Duduk : 745 mm

Suspensi / Ban
Suspensi Depan : Teleskopik
Suspensi Belakang : Teleskopik
Ukuran Ban Depan :70/90-14MC 34P
Ukuran Ban Belakang : 80/90-14MC 34P

Dimensi (P x L x T) : 1,820 x 675 x 1,050 mm
Sistem Starter : Kick & Electric
Daya Maksimum : 6.54 Km (8.9 ps) / 8,000 rpm
Torsi Maksimum : 7.84 Nm (0.88 kgf.m) / 7,000 rpm
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New Modification Yamaha Vixion


New Modification Yamaha Vixion
New Modification from Yamaha about Vixion
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Modifikasi Suzuky Shogun Air Brus

Modifikasi Suzuky Shogun Air Brus

Modification Suzuky Shogun Not only that then, all bodi also the substitute anyar results garapan and the design personally. Especially foot-foot was made by extra firm seized some equipment moge. “Maka him not surprised, khan if capital modif this almost ten juta,” he said without meaning nyombong. For the foreleg, Allan carried one set of the fork teleskopik through to setang the rudder eks Yamaha TZR250R.

“Sokbreker menjepit the rim of Yamaha TZR250 the measurement of 2.15” x 17,” said Allan. The turn behind, swing arm orsi still was relied on cuman the shock absorber seized eks Yamaha FZR400. The wheel behind was installed the rim of Yamaha TZR250 2.50”-17”. Braking also was main attention of this cheerful man.

The disc brake front behind seized belonging to Yamaha TZR250R. “Masternya was dirty belonging to Suzuki GSX400,” he said from www.ototrend.com. Alhasil, tampang behind interesting because more fat and solid. The turn bodi, Allan Filly not menjiplak whatever. “A I the design personally with the fibre material with a thickness of 4mm,” he said. Really him cuman one, must the swollen model beginning with batok light, the mudguard front-belakan and the petrol tank.

The turn behind, swing arm orsi still was relied on cuman the shock absorber seized eks Yamaha FZR400. The wheel behind was installed the rim of Yamaha TZR250 2.50”-17”. Braking also was main attention of this cheerful man. For supported tampilan, foot the front step deliberate used Honda VFR 400 of R. Sedang to that behind, was made personally from the lever kick the starter. “Silinder the muffler of Honda CBR400 deliberate was installed by me, although his voice more gahar,” proud Allan that would ngelurug Suroboyo to go along even Otomodify Contest.
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Modifikasi Mio From Ilham Revo

Modifikasi Mio From Ilham Revo
I look modif mio from Ilham Revo. Woo Keren. This Mio very Cool
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Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo

Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo

The New Modification To Yellow colour to yamaha mio modif.
As we all already known that Thailand have a very-very stylish motorcycle modification concept. So many Thai boys who like to modify their motorcycle. Not only the models, but also engine performance. That's why, so many racing components which sold in Indonesia come from Thailand.

Yamaha Nouvo 115 CC, this modification concept bike in Indonesia influenced other manufacturer to sale the same bike type. After Yamaha Nouvo, otocontest.com Yamaha launch Yamaha Mio which has won Indonesian market and forced Honda and Suzuki.

i have a nouvo i was wondering if you could show me or e mail me pictures of other modified nouvo. i also wanted to modify my nouvo however i can’t think of any since i’m not too familiar with the accessories. i hope to hear from you very soon..will be get as it(Yamaha Nouvo).
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Modification Motor crome

Modification Motor crome
I look modification from nemu.wordpress.com Woow this modification is very fantastic And for the strange Motor rare and unique. This showed again that if the person if already menyenangai something that was strange rare and unique, anything was done daengan the cost how many that he strong paid. This motor was original him must have bought. Kemudaian was torn down and bought llagi the material material for the modification. Kemudaian went out the cost again to assemble him, et cetera. That you are not disappointed with the picture was supervised this
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Modifikasi Motor Shogun

Modification Shogun Not the reason for the brutal Jupiter MX work was plundered x-treme. “Kaki behind was drafted crippled and the behind disodomi two lubang,� clear Johanes Hanafi, the boss X-16 the Bike Accessories Motor in the Bloc X-16, the Mobil Kemayoran Market, Jakarta Pusat. So, the article X-16 in the motor stern not meant the fighter, gituuu. Just this time had Jupiter MX mono-arm. Therefore direct Em-Plus the click. Wah by chance, here.

Indeed want him was covered the Plus MOTOR. Not the media lain, definitely Johanes without the courtesy. Oh, balanced if like that! “Ini results of collaboration were the same Budi ‘Big’ Rahmanto from Big Modification. Pro-arm with NSR150 SP, by chance I had the stock. And indeed pengin mono-arm,� the man's friendly words wore glasses that at random. But unfortunately, when wanting to be installed emerged the new hindrance the reason for the measurement was too long. “Saya enggak wanted the dimension of the motor to change drastic, consequently must diakali,� clear the man had hair short that.
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New modification GL Pro Mega Pro

New modification GL Pro Mega Pro
New modification GL Pro beforehand then we will feel somewhat disappointed because Pro clouds from the aspect of the machine and the framework still were just the same with GL Pro beforehand that had a capacity of 156,7 cc with just a few differences, from the aspect of the other component like speedmeter, sign light, front light et cetera evidently only comotan from the variant of the Honda motor that was other (Tiger). frombp3.blogger.com It was actual that the matter like this could was done by the motor modifiers, that when we had read tabloit or the special magazine the Automotive kind or the Plus Motor, the modification like this was the normal matter. So in fact Pro clouds only the modification of GL Pro that was done by the manufacturer's side, and almost did not have the technological innovation that was with him.
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Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX Kuning

Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX Kuning
Yamaha Jupiter MX was one of the types of the sport duck that was present at Indonesia. Tampangnya that sporty and the machine 135 cc that used the water cooler (the radiator) but also the clutch aminbidar.blogspot.com made one of the types of the duck motor that most the behaviour at this time. With the increase in the wings on the side and low the machine made jupiter mx more sporty at first was installed light jupiter z to the front and without upper light.
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Modifikasi Simpel dan Minimalis

Modifikasi Simpel dan Minimalis
DetailLampu big not only property of the sport motor. The design skubek 2007 also would like that. That not yet for a long time could have carried out surveillance of Yamaha New Mio Thai output. Headlamp was made big so as apparently melotot.

The duck increasingly slim! Saw the work of the manufacturer of the kind Suzuki the noble F-150 and Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC. “Desain bodi very pointed trus if was seen increasingly behind increasingly pointed, so nungging in the style of the motor underbone 4-tak,” opened Budi ‘Big’ Rahmanto, the big boss Big Modification.KLIK - details Continued the race impression increasingly strong after batok light was made round the backward alias light.

Dark please? Not tuh, tau him headlamp direlokasi to the area of the front wings, this terinspirasi the front Jupiter MX face that was thick the element of his sport.

“Joined the component bodi original with bodi made by indeed again mewabah,” timpal Topo Gadhoel, the skipper Tauco Custom, Jagakarsa, of Southern Jakarta. This needed care builder so that balanced combined ‘baju’ original with ‘jubah’ the work personally from yamaha-vega.or.id . Em-Plus narrow carry out surveillance of in his workshop had Honda Supra X 125 with the front wings original but the stern custom. Also had Yamaha Vega used the Jupiter MX wings, bodi the rest was made repeated from the iron plate. Once more tampilan Yamaha Tachyon during PRJ 2005
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Because 4-Not Changed So BMW GX650

Because 4-Not Changed So BMW GX650
Ryan Tony Prabowo Jati had a 2001 Suzuki Satria which, if used day-to-day a little "uncomfortable". Because, right now is his time machine era of 4-stroke, while the mount 2, no. Roads used for convenience, diubahlah display.

Passion, much like BMW Suzuki GX650 magic that resembles SuperMoto. Options on besutan German manufacturers, he said, had two impressions, that is sporty and elegant.

Incidentally he Wardoyo builder rich conference experience. And to realize the desire Ryan, starting from the middle frame to the back trimmed up and make new bone. "This raised the motor frame," explained Wardoyo from Gandul 2Wheel Custom in Cinere, Depok, West Java.

From the experience of handling various flow modification, when touching the rear is not difficult. Combined with the standard swing arm sokbreker Suzuki GSX 1000. Could pass for having made a new bracket holder and sokbreker unitrack reduce the maximum and does not vanish when the ride.

There are interesting from the middle of the middle frame. Original frames remain trusted by Ryan as a matter of the original made in the factory. "So, I still made the order that resembles the original BMW GX order as the original," said Wardoyo.

While sokbreker have a Suzuki DR400 front mounted so that the damping so soft. Unfortunately, the distance is limited turn handlebars
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2011 Style Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 CC

2011 Style Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 CC
2011 Style Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 CC
- Color Granada Greenï Pernis by (Spies Hecker)
- Full Cutting Moto GP sticker kawasaki ninja monster
- Rear Hugger (Custom fiber)
- Seat Black colori (OEM)
- Muffler / Exhaust (OEM)
- Air Filter (OEM)
- Plugs (NGK Irridium)
- Cable Plugs (OEM)
Legs (legs)
- Arm Custom paint
- Front Whell (OEM 17ï ¿½ x 2.75) Black color
- Rear Whell (OEM ½ x 17ï ¿3:50) Black color
- Front Tromol (OEM)
- Rear Tromol (OEM)
- Front Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 110/70/17
- Rear Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 130/70/17
- Front Shockbreaker (OEM)
- Rear Shockbreaker (OEM)
- Per Rear (OEM)
- Brake Master (Brembo)
- Front Disc Plate (Brembo)
- Rear Disc Plate (OEM)
- Spion (OEM)
- Handle Brake (OEM)
- Takometer speedometer (OEM)
- Front Lamp (OEM)
- Rear Lamp (OEM)
- Xenon HID lamps Frontï>2011 Style Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 CC
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